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Based Cloud As- Build

As-built drawings are often out-of-date and inaccurate, leading to unexpected issues and critical delays. 3D laser scanning provides your team with precise point clouds, 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models for reliable project planning, reducing the risk of change orders and project delays.

OB Plans provides consultations for a variety of commercial needs. Our team of designers collectively offer experience in new construction and renovations for various facilities such as corporate offices, restaurants, health care clinics, and many more professional working spaces.

Along with the exterior aesthetic our buildings create, we strive to create interior architecture that adds value to the building and experience within each space. 



As a Florida based Architect Firm with a passion for emerging technologies, our mission is to provide architectural services using the ultimate technologies in VDC (Virtual Design Construction) to help our client to fulfill their requirements.

We see ourselves in a few years as the leadership in VDC (Virtual Design Construction) Architectural services. With our expertise, we can not only provide with architectural design, but we can also provide services to minimize error during construction and same money to our clients.

With our Collaboration skills we can cooperate with the Owner, Consultant and other key players in the project thought new technologies as Clouds base information system, Virtual Meeting, and 3d Walkthrough viewers.

  • Retail Residental Projects

  • Modern Exterior Design

  • Institutional  Project

  • Interior Lighting Plan


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